Fruit and Veg Awareness Night

So, almost everyone knows they need to eat your 5-a-day, but do they know why, and actually WHAT that 5-a-day can be?

On Summer Camp a few years ago, we were shocked, and almost appalled, when more than half of the Scouts there were not actually sure what some of the veg they were preparing were called (such veg included broccoli, cauliflower, and courgettes…)

Fruit and Veg Awareness night has become a staple of our Winter programme, talking about healthy eating, and then looking at, and tasting, a wide range of fruit and veg.

Hopefully, most of the Scouts will now be able to recognise more than just apples, oranges, carrots, and chips (they ARE a vegetable, right??) and will have tried something different that they will want to try again at home!

Thanks to Tesco for sponsoring this evening with a £20 gift voucher.  As they like to remind us, ‘Every Little Helps’!

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