Beaver Colony Report 2011-12

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We currently have a steady 21 Beavers in the colony – with a waiting list. We have an average attendance of 99% – which is fab!

As usual we have had a very busy – and fun – year! We kicked off this year with a District Beaver Scout Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park – we had loads of fun and the weather was lovely.

Next we had our annual family group camp, held at Phasels Wood, lots of Beavers gained their nights away badge this year.

In June we had a ‘Pets at Home’ trip at Ruislip, I am very surprised that all the rabbits and guinea pigs were not smuggled back on the mini bus!

In October we had a very unusual evening a ‘Ghoulish Cinema Night’, with lots of unusual things to eat and drink. Beavers dressed up – with a special ‘witch’ guest.

Have to mention our main fundraiser – Firework Night in November – I would say almost all the Beavers with their families attended and had an amazing time (next one on 3 Nov).

The Remembrance Day, in November, was a great event, the Beavers held their personally created Poppy Wreaths with great pride

The Beaver Sleepover in March, this year, went very well with Ethan, Agney, Billy, Nithesan, Dylan and Fletcher attending. As usual this event was a great success – and extremely well organised by district – but of course our craft (crowns) were the best, and the weather was fabulous – also arranged by Jayne and myself.

We would like to say a mega thank you to the Beaver parents that helped throughout the year with our ongoing DIY project, on many section evenings many of you were ‘up a ladder’.

On a personal note I would like to thank Jayne for coordinating all the badges and for basically telling me ‘not to panic’ – it never ceases to amaze me how we coordinate it all with full time ‘paid’ jobs and family etc to take care of!

The most memorable event for us this year, we feel, was the Queen’s Visit to Stanmore. The Beavers were hot and thirsty – but all behaved impeccably – and stood so proud. It was quite humbling for us to have been involved with them on this fantastic day, and hope it is something they will always remember.

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