AGM 2016 – Beaver Leader’s report

Beavers 2015-16

Beavers balloons

Well we have had a great year in Beavers. Such a wonderful bunch of young people – I can honestly say we have loads of fun, chats and more importantly laughter! At this time we have only 11 beavers with a capacity for 24. Many Beavers moved up to Cubs in September and with the ages of the young people on the waiting list we currently have low numbers. I have advertised for new members within local schools so by January, I have no doubt, all places will be filled.

We started our financial year with our yearly Quiz Night, had a great laugh and even managed to raise £450! Then we had our 2015 Family Group Camp in Phasels Wood, this was a fantastic event and many Beavers attended our day visit. Our Firework Night in November was a total sell out as usual, the weather was kind to us – this event takes a lot of organizing but would not be anything without the support of the parents and their families attending each year.


Here is a picture of the Beavers on our Fright night evening, we played musical tombstones and other ‘scarey’ games – with a competition for the best outfit (which was a hard one as all were fab), we were very honoured to have a guest Evil Witch hosting the evening as well!

We were supposed to look super scarey in this pose but somehow ended up with the adults being in a bit of ‘vogue’ – lol!


Our Remembrance Day event was very well attended by our Beavers – they were all so well behaved and respectful. We try to create a different poppy wreath each year (thank you to Paul who always sources them). As we make them in our section evenings we talk about their significance so by the time they are walking with them in the parade they understand what they stand for, and I know they all feel very honoured to have permission to lay their special tributes with the ‘old soldiers’.

I was very proud to walk alongside them.

untitled3Next was our Eggs-travaganza District Event. All the Beavers (and parents) know that the District Events are always very well organised and fun for their young people – this day was no exception. What I like about these days is that they get to mix with other Beaver Scouts from all over the District, we intentionally mix the groups up so they make new friends – always works. For this particular District Event I organise all the prizes and personally (with some help from Paul) fill around 400 little plastic eggs with 3 chocolate mini eggs and a special number on a folded bit of paper in each (also every egg has to have a small amount of sellotape on either side so it does not bounce open – yep, it takes ages). Each number represents a prize and all the Beavers have to run out and find 4 eggs each, then they sit down in our HQ Hall, open the eggs carefully and with the numbers they go into the Den to collect the prize to the relevant number. It is a huge amount of work but all worth it when you see their faces – very rewarding. I had some fab parent/family helpers so all went well.


Sadly this year sees our fabulous Issy Stephenson go off to Newcastle University to study Linguistics – how can she leave me (us)! She has been a pleasure to have in our Beavers, such a gentle nature, always smiling and generally just lovely. We/I will miss her soooooooo much. Here is a picture of the Beavers squishing her with cuddles on her last evening.

Huge thank you to Paul for helping each week and to the fabulous parents that help when I ask. Thank you to Issy Stephenson, Lewis Twine and Amelie Hogan for helping – you guys made it great fun.

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