AGM 2016 – Chairman’s report

Report of the Group Executive Committee 2015-16


The Group Executive Committee plays a vital role in the running of a Scout Group, making decisions and carrying out administrative tasks to ensure that the best quality Scouting can be delivered to the young people in the Group. Members of the Executive Committee must act collectively as charity trustees of the Scout Group, and in the best interests of its members.

During 2015-16 the 6th Harrow Scout Group Executive Committee was made up of the following members:

David Archer (Group Chairman); Emma Chandler (Group Secretary); Ruth Schofield (Group Treasurer); Tariq Anon (elected member – Beaver parent); Tim Wilkinson (elected member – Cub parent); Ray Cousins (elected member – Scout parent); Iain Stephenson (nominated member); Neil Solomon (nominated member); Christina Workman (Beaver Scout Leader); Devarsh Davda (Cub Scout Leader); Anne-Marie Quirke (Scout Leader); Paul Workman (Group Scout Leader)

The Executive Committee has met formally on 5 occasions since the last AGM, with much work undertaken in between. I would like to express my warm thanks to all members of the Executive for their efforts over the course of 2015-16. In addition, I would like to thank Iain and Karen Burley for their ongoing support for the Group over the past year, managing our web presence and supporting our fundraising events.

During the past year revised lease agreements have been negotiated and agreed with Harrow & Wealdstone Scout District for both the Group’s use of the Walton Room in the District’s adjacent Sydney Walton Building and for the District land upon which the Group’s Headquarters stands. This has set us on a firm footing for the coming years with regard to our physical space, enabling the Group’s Scouting activities to continue to flourish. A review of the agreements in place for our regular HQ lets was also begun, and I am grateful to Neil Solomon for leading on this work for us. The Committee intends to complete this review within the next few months.

A major programme of work was undertaken on the Headquarters during 2015-16 and into the summer of this year, made possible by the Group’s fundraising activities – Group events such as the Firework Evening (another great success this year), and regular lets of the building during times when it is not needed for Scouting activities. Since our last AGM a new floor was laid in the Hall, the loft was cleared and freshly boarded out, the entire roof was insulated from the inside, a new suspended ceiling, complete with recessed lighting, was installed in the Hall, new windows and external doors were fitted, a new fire detection system was introduced throughout the Headquarters, external gutters and drains were cleared (including the culvert behind the building), and vegetation was cleared from around the site. A huge amount of planning, time and effort went into this work, which could not have been achieved without the huge contributions from each and every member of the Executive and Leadership Team, as well as help given by other parents and supporters. Many people worked extremely hard on the project, and I cannot name them all here, but I would like to pay tribute to Paul Workman, Group Scout Leader, who drove the project on and was on site each and every day until the work was completed. Thank you everyone. The result is something to be proud of – but we’re not done! Further work will be planned and undertaken over the coming year, and I would ask everyone associated with the Group to lend a hand as and when they can.

The Group continues to be an active and visible presence in the local community, and once again turned out smartly and in great numbers at the Remembrance Day Parade and Service in November, laying wreathes on behalf of both the Group and on behalf of Harrow & Wealdstone Scout District. Scouting in the local community has always been, and continues to be, an important part of what we do – please continue to support this.

Numbers in the Group remain steady. There has been a slight drop in overall numbers in recent years, as the figures below show – nothing to concern us at present, but something to keep an eye on:

  Beavers Cubs Scouts Adults TOTAL
2015 25 31 24 13 93
2016 16 29 34 12 91

The Group remains however amongst the largest in the District, and this is without doubt due to the active and fun programme of Scouting delivered across all 3 sections of the Group, under the enthusiastic leadership of Paul Workman, our Group Scout Leader. All of our Leaders and Supporters put in a huge amount of time and effort to ensure that our young people have best possible Scouting experience. I am pleased that we have the opportunity to acknowledge their contributions and to thank them at this year’s AGM.

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