Help us raise money to improve our Headquarters!

Our Group HQ was built from the ground up by members and supporters of the Group.  We are grateful to have such an asset.  We know of many other Scout Group’s that meet in the space afforded to them in the Church Hall, keeping all their camping gear and programme material at home, in garages, sheds, anywhere they can find space.

Orange RockCorp DIY Weekend

We have the luxury of our own space, but with this comes the cost of upkeep.  We have recently implemented a programme of decoration and have relied heavily on our supporters to get jobs done – and they have delivered.  However, the next tasks are a bit more specialised.  The roof needs insulating, and some attention.  This is going to lead to issues with asbestos.  Also, the windows need replacing with units far more energy friendly.

This is going to cost money – we are estimating the need to raise £40k to do this.

We need our supporters now as much as we did 50 years ago when the building was built.  Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated, and if you have ideas for fundraisers you want to get off the ground, then talk to any of the Leaders, and check back here often to see what you can do to help!