IMG_20140801_185726Who can join?

The Scout section caters for young people, both male and female, between the ages of 10½ and 14.

When and where?

The 6th Harrow Scout Troop meets every Friday during term time, 8pm-9.30pm.  Usually these meetings take place at the 6th Harrow Scout Group Headquarters, 1A Walton Road, but the Troop occasionally meets elsewhere for special activities. When the Troop is meeting elsewhere, details will be given beforehand. There are other activities, such as camps and competitions, which take place at other times.  The Troop Summer Camp, which is an activity-filled 6-night camping experience, is run every year in the first week of the school summer holidays.

Who runs it?

The Troop is run by a team of adults, all of whom have day jobs and volunteer their time freely. The Scout Leader is Anne-Marie Quirke. There are four Assistant Scout Leaders, Andy Tierney, Dave Archer, Sarah Evans and Helen Wharton, and one Troop Assistant, Tony Ayton. Background checks are carried out on all adults within Scouting before they are permitted to work with the children. Leaders are also trained through the Scout Association adult training programme.

How does it work?

The Troop is organised into six patrols – Seagulls, Falcons, Kestrels, Hawks, Eagles, and Merlins. Each patrol is led by a patrol leader, supported by an assistant patrol leader. The Troop Leadership Forum (TLF), consisting of the patrol leaders and one or more of the adult leaders, meets once a month during Scout meetings to discuss the general running and progress of the Troop. In this way, the young people have a direct input into the running of the Troop.

The Scouts take part in a wide range of activities, and there is an award scheme through which the Scouts can gain badges. All Scouts and Leaders wear a uniform.

How much does it cost?

Each Scout pays a subscription fee per term.  Please contact a leader for the current subscription rate.  If you have more than one child in the Group, a discount is available.

Activities such as camps or visits may incur an additional cost, but these are kept to a minimum – and we make every effort to ensure no Scout is ever excluded for financial reasons.

Uniform, consisting of activity trousers with a belt and a shirt, can be purchased from Teeny Wear, High Road, Harrow Weald, or online from www.scoutshops.com. When a Scout is invested into the Troop they are given a record book to record their progress through the awards, and a Group scarf.

Personal details

In order to contact Scouts or parents, to be aware of any medical or dietary requirements, and to monitor progress through the award scheme, it is necessary for certain personal information about the Scouts to be kept by the leaders. This information is not shared with any individual or organisation outside of Scouting.  All details of Troop events are only sent out via email – no letters are sent home with the Scouts.  A copy of all letters sent out is placed on the notice board in the hallway at the HQ.  Other arrangements can be made if this is not a viable form of communication for you.


All parents/guardians are required to complete a DBS check (formerly CRB) when their child joins the Group. This helps to ensure the safety of all the children involved with the Group.

The Troop has a Code of Conduct, drawn up by the Scouts themselves, which governs acceptable behaviour and which every Scout is expected to follow. A copy of this is given to all parents. In some cases Scouts may be excluded from activities if their conduct is offensive to others.

Uniform (activity trousers and belt, shirt and scarf) is to be worn at meetings and events, and each Scout must bring their record book. There will be an inspection at the beginning of each meeting – a maximum of 5 points are awarded for correct uniform and record book.

The Troop gathers in patrols for flag break and inspection at the start of each meeting and notices and flag down at the end. It is important that Scouts arrive in uniform ready for flag break at 8pm prompt, so that the meeting can get underway quickly. Mobile phones should ideally be left at home, but if they are carried for safety reasons they should be switched off during meetings and handed in to a leader.

Once a year the Scout Group holds an Annual General Meeting, where annual reports and accounts are presented, officers are elected, and the achievements of the Scouts are recognised. All parents should attend this – it’s a social occasion, and the business part of the event is kept very brief. There are other events throughout the year that rely on parental support. Again, these are social events, and give parents the opportunity to join in the adventure.

From time to time we will need parents’ help. This could be as simple as painting a window frame at the headquarters or helping to clear up after an event. Please do lend a hand when you can.